Plywood Manufacturers in China

Plywood is a kind of wood based panel made from hardwood veneers with a smooth finish. The basic structure is multiple layers of veneers with different kinds of glue. Finish is better grade than the core.

As a plywood supplier in China, Our factory produce marine plywood, film faced plywood, packing plywood and fancy plywood. The marine type is made of hardwood with wbp glue to resist high moisture. Thus marine plywood is used in boat making and high end furniture.

film faced plywood china manufacturer supplier

Film faced plywood is plywood laminated with a thin layer of phenolic coated film. The color is brown or black in most cases. The use of film faced plywood is for concrete shuttering. The main quality standards is how many cast it can fulfill. The cast times depends on the core material and glue type. High grades utilize hardwood core and wbp phenolic glue, which can endure 48 hours hot water boiling.

Plywood Type Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, Packing Plywood

Packing plywood is essential for industries. It is regularly needed by those exporters who need sea-worthy shipping to protect the fragile cargos. The panel should use uniform veneers and the cutting edge need to be very clear. This ensures the good quality of the packing plywood.

Commercial plywood is the most used plywood worldwide. It can be used for sheathing, wall cladding, furniture, roofing and so on. Doorskin plywood is doorsize.